Enduron 10W-40, Bulk

Castrol Enduron 10W-40 heavy duty diesel engine oil with extra strong additive system is suitable for year-round use and is designed to allow fleet operators to run their vehicles to maximum oil drain intervals. Castrol Enduron 10W-40 engine oil primary application is for Euro IV, Euro III and Euro II European trucks and buses where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA E4, E5, E7, API CF or earlier specification SAE 10W-40 lubricant. This engine oil can also be used in off-road vehicles and equipment that require this performance level. Castrol Enduron 10W-40 engine oil protects against all types of engine wear, deposit build-up and bore-polishing. Its advanced formulation continues to protect even under the most severe conditions so extending engine life and preventing unscheduled downtime. Not for use in Euro IV vehicles requiring low SAPS lubricants (for this application we recommend Castrol Enduron Low SAPS 10W-40 engine oil). Please refer to the specifications section in your vehicle Owners Manual when choosing engine oil.

Product performance claims:
SAE 10W-40
ACEA E4, E5, E7
MB-Approval 228.5
MAN M3277
Renault RVI RXD
Volvo VDS-3
Meets DAF extended drain requirements

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EAN: 1107000011110

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